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Hockey Australia developed a new concept – Hockey 9's – changing the rules to make the game faster, more exciting and therefore more appealing.

Of course Hockey Australia wanted the world to know about this new, high-speed, action-packed version of the game and so called on us to develop a viral promotional video focusing on the International Super Series being held in Perth this October.

Viral videos are an excellent promotional platform, able to be distributed through numerous online methods including social media networks like Facebook, YouTube or via email.

We took video footage and photo stills supplied to us by Hockey Australia and amped up the energy by playing with the colours and adding a number of visual effects; grainy picture, explosions and text bouncing all over the screen.  This included the 3D fly-in title sequence to excite the consumer's senses, ensuring the International Super Series is not forgotten in a hurry.  Powerful music and sound effects complemented the visuals which together encapsulated the passion behind the game.

The client is thrilled with the end result which is captivating the hockey community internationally as well as inciting some new interest in the game.

A TV ad like this produced by a typical advertising agency or television commercial production companies will set you back over $60,000 AUD.

We’re not typical.

We produced this ad for around $12,000 AUD - From concept to completion.

We’re not just an advertising agency and we’re not just a production company.
We’re both.

We’re the creative company that write it, make it, buy the television media, and send it via satelite direct to the station.

Its great because it’s done quicker and cheaper. There is no better way to do it if you want a Television Commercial Produced in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Darwin or Hobart.

Contact us today for great television commerical (TVC) production rates.

It never ceases to amaze us how many days and weeks go into making something that will be seen for just a few seconds. Even how many people are involved in conceptualizing, strategising, writing, organisng props, talent, filming and editing. As with all TVC’s we produce, it’s hard work, stressful but extremely enjoyable.
The Super Series Hockey 9's Promotional Web Video was no exception.

Melbourne Television Commercial Production at budget prices with maximum Value to client

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