Feel like you're lost in retail wilderness, overlooked by potential customers?

A new, refreshing campaign is the key to standing out.

Collins Place needed to be found and stand out from the rest so we lifted them to a whole new level through a sophisticated and intellectual campaign that was clear and easily communicated to the target market. A new campaign for Collins Place commenced development in July 2010 with four key objectives kept in mind during the creative process.
  • Raise awareness of Collins Place while building a solid profile, not only amongst consumers in the CBD but also in the wider Melbourne metropolitan area.
  • Reinforce the location of Collins Place through all publicity.
  • Drive customer visitation to Collins Place, and subsequently increase the centre's turnover.
  • Ensure the right advertising media is utilised to guarantee the correct messages are delivered.

We produced media to educate Melbournians about Collins Place, not only its location but also its charm, and then invite them to become a part of the Collins Place society. The campaign took inspiration from classic cinema and photography with long, traditionally shot images framed in classic black.  We wanted to give customers a snapshot of another world, one they could step in to at Collins Place, one of elegance and style. Through the tag-line, I am elegant, I am here, where are you?, Collins Place connotes feelings of curiosity within the customer, a desire to be elegant and to be at Collins Place.  Chosen media for the campaign was printed press and a newsletter, the luxury of the tangible being played upon as women often think of glossy magazines as a bit of self-indulgence.

A brand refresh like this produced by a typical branding or advertising agency will set you back around $40,000 AUD.

We’re not typical.

We produced it for less than $15,000 AUD

REbranding of Collins place Melbourne

We’re not just an advertising agency and we’re not just a design studio....We’re both.

We’re the creative company that can design produce and manage a small or large branding project.

We have all the facilities in house and its great because it’s done quicker and cheaper. There is no better way to do it if you want to refresh our updadte your brand in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Darwin or Hobart.

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