The making of a 30 Second Television Commercial for GJ Gardner Homes - 'Custom Home' Testimonial

GJ Gardner Homes is a builder that specialises in residential custom-built homes.

The custom built-home market is a competitive one, so we needed to do something different to make GJ Gardner stand out in the market - It's called "cut through".

We thought it would be nice to have a chat to some home owners, find out why they chose GJ Gardner Homes and how happy they are with their new home - simple!

So how do you shoot a genuine testimonial - by real people?

Well.. It's not as easy as it sounds. You see, most people (non-actors) get a bit nervous at the sight of lights, cameras and microphones.

So it's important to have a director with a calm approach, who'll keep the "happy home-owners" well.. happy.

So we set up all the lighting, sound and camera gear, then filmed a 45 minute conversation (three times - from three different camera angles)

We than gave all the footage to our talented TV editor who worked his magic and turned the footage into a cohesive 30 second testimonial TV ad.

I'm sure you'll agree it looks great!

An ad like this produced by a typical advertising agency or television commercial production companies will set you back over $55,000 AUD.

We’re not typical.

We produced this for $12,600 AUD - From idea to delivery to TV station.

We’re not just an advertising agency and we’re not just a production company.
We’re both.

We’re the creative company that write it, make it, buy the television media, and send it via sattelite direct to the station.

Its great because it’s done quicker and cheaper. There is no better way to do it if you want a Television Commercial Produced in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Darwin or Hobart.

Contact us today for great television commerical prodution rates.


It never ceases to amaze us how many days and weeks go into making something that will be seen for just a few seconds. Even how many people are involved in conceptualizing, strategising, writing, organizing props, talent, filming and editing. As with all TVC’s we produce, it’s hard work, stressful but extremely enjoyable.
The “GJ Gardner Homes - Testimonlial" Television Commercial was no exception.




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