The making of an animated promo Video for Matthews

"Matthews" makes printers, hardware and software for the packaging & labelling industry.

Our job was to create a video to promote a new product which was "light years" ahead of the competition.

So we thought - Let's take their mascot (a chameleon) into space to collect technology and send it down to earth.

So we wrote a script, created a storyboard and, after a bit of "back and forth" with the client, we were ready to animate the video.

It was important that the Matthews branding was present throughout the video. This meant that the colours, fonts, logo use and even the music had to match-up with all of Matthews other marketing material.

I’m sure you’ll agree that it looks great! sada

A video like this produced by a typical advertising agency or television production company will set you back over $6,000 AUD.

We’re not typical.

We produced two instructional videos (including this one for around $2,200 AUD - From idea to delivery to placement on the web.

We’re not just an advertising agency and we’re not just a production company. ...... We’re both.

We’re the creative company that write it, animate it, put it online and optimise it, so it gets seen.

Its great because it’s done quicker and cheaper. There is no better way to do it if you want an Instructional Video or Corporate Video Produced in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Darwin or Hobart.

Contact us today for great video production rates.

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