It is possible to enhance your brand
without changing its essence!

Community Pharmacy needed a revamp, they needed to refine their already established brand and refresh their market presence in order to continue growing.

Within the health industry it is better to have a straight-forward approach to instil confidence and trust within customers.
Instead of completely
re-creating Community Pharmacy’s logo we re-positioned it. Community Pharmacy’s main point of difference is that they are a “not for profit” organisation.

This fact was largely unknown, even by their current customers, and we felt that we should capitalise on it.

The positioning statement was then integrated into all of   Community Pharmacy’s marketing, promotions and catalogues.

Community Pharmacy’s website featured
stories from real people telling their own stories about why they love Community Pharmacy.

There was also a need to develop an alternative to the previously mentioned tactics as a large percentage of Community Pharmacy’s target market are older and therefore less likely to be active on the Internet.

To overcome this hurdle a number of TVCs were developed to ensure all sectors of the target were reached.

This is a preview to our approach.
DOWNLOAD THE Complete Brand ID process for UGG Shere (click here).

A brand refresh like this produced by a typical branding or advertising agency will set you back around $50,000 AUD.

We’re not typical.

We produced it for less than $10,000 AUD

Corporate rebranding, rebrand your business today

We’re not just an advertising agency and we’re not just a design studio....We’re both.

We’re the creative company that can design produce and manage a small or large branding project.

We have all the facilities in house and its great because it’s done quicker and cheaper. There is no better way to do it if you want to refresh our updadte your brand in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Darwin or Hobart.

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